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When Kunal Kapoor full name Kunal Raj Kapoor made his debut in Hindi films, it was as if an actor with an engaging personality and acting talent had entered Hindi films after a long time. With long hair and a light beard, the actor experimented with the traditional actor’s image. His form was accepted by the audience with an open heart.

Kunal Kapoor, who was popular in the modeling world, was the first to showcase his acting talent – famous painter and filmmaker-director Maqbool Fida Hussain. Maqbool Fida Hussain gave Kunal Kapoor a chance to act with the talented actress Tabu in Meenakshi. In the very first film, a starring actress like Tabu gave Kunal Kapoor a good chance to prove himself, which Kunal took full advantage of.

In the very first film, Kunal Kapoor impressed critics with his acting talent and garnered a lot of praise from the audience. Although Meenakshi proved a failure at the box office, Kunal gained many fans due to her look and natural acting. Kunal Kapoor has more girls among his fans. After Meenakshi, he was seen in Rang de Basanti. Kunal, as an important member of the group of youngsters struggling with the system, impressed the audience and also set expectations for his golden future.

Kunal was not able to attract the audience in the hat-trick after Rang De Basanti and in the subsequent films, he was seen as a co-actor only. Kunal Kapoor is married to Naina Bachchan. A niece of megastar Amitabh Bachchan. In 1987, Kunal started his own company, Adfilm-Valas, and started producing and directing advertisements for television.

One of his memorable compositions was Bombay Dyeing’s “Dream Lover” series, played by his brother Karan. Since then he has directed over 800 television commercials and is considered one of the better directors of advertising films in India. He is particularly known for the large-scale format, action, glamor, and humor.

Recently, most of the successful car commercials made in India have been produced and directed by Kunal. Adfilm-Valas has executive-produced several international feature films and advertising films filmed in India.

Have also constructed. Notable among these are Credit sequence for the City of Joy and French films Le Cactus (2005) and Fire in Paradise Kunal Kapoor of his father Shashi Kapoor Also, Mr. Prithviraj Kapoor is a trustee of the Memorial Trust and Research Foundation, which owns and takes over the Prithvi Theater in Juhu, Mumbai. Prithvi Theater, now handled by Kunal’s younger sister Sanjana Kapoor, aims to promote professional Indian theater, develop new talent and audiences for theater and become an inspirational center for theater and performing arts.