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Michael Phelps is an American swimmer. So far he has won 18 Gold Medals in three Olympics. He has a record of winning the most medals in the Olympics. Michael Phelps was born on 30 June 1985 in Maryland, Baltimore, United States. Let’s see Michael Phelps’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Olympic Gold Medals, Records, Awards, Swimming Career, Net Worth

His father was fond of sports and his mother was a teacher. When his two sisters started learning to swim, they also started going, amateur. The sisters also inspired them to swim but they were afraid to go in the water, especially because they found it difficult to put their heads in the water, then the coach allowed them to swim on their backs.

Michael Phelps Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Olympic Gold Medals, Records, Awards, Swimming Career, Net Worth (Image Source: The Guardian)

Slowly Phelps (Michael Phelps) started swimming. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Phelps got an opportunity to watch the Atlanta Olympics in 1966.

Seeing the excellent swimming of Tom Malko and Tom Dolan, he also had the desire to become a big champion in his mind. During this time, coach Bob Bowman caught sight of him.

His exceptionally long hands and feet and hard work for victory impressed him immensely. He started coaching them and both Guru and disciple together created a new history.

At the age of 15, he was included in the US team and got a chance to participate in the Sydney Olympics 2000, but here he did not get a single medal.

Taking a lesson from this, he got involved in a live-up effort and the next year, in 200 meters butterfly, he made the world record. Then he broke his own records and within five years he took five world records.

He was known as a swimming superstar until the Athens Olympics in 2000. Here he has six gold and two bronze medal jitters.

Four years later, he created an unprecedented history at the Beijing Olympics.

He won eight gold medals by participating in eight events. In the history of the Olympics, no player has won so many gold medals in an Olympics to date. – Even in the future it seems unlikely. This record is still recorded in his name. In the 2012 London Olympics, he broke the record of 18 medals in Russia’s Jinyast Larissa Latina by winning 4 gold and 2 silver.

After the London Olympics, he announced his retirement from swimming but was asked if he would participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He said that nothing will be said about what will happen in the future.

Apart from his world record, there are a large number of medals won at the state and local levels. Many honors and titles also fell in her bag including the Fina Swimmer of the Year Award, Golden Goggle Award, Jamon E. Sullivan Award, Athlete of the Year Award, etc. He has received this award many times.

Michael Phelps’s life became gold through hard work and dedication. His life gives us the inspiration that hard work and the courage to never give up can be said to us. In this way, we can achieve all our intended goals