Nicole Poturalski Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts, Net worth, Brad Pitt Girlfriend, Height, Husband, Kids

Nicole Poturalski is a fashion model, wife of Roland Mary, and born in Germany. She was born on 2nd January 1993 and she is 27 years old as of 2020. Her nickname is Nico mary. She is 5 feet & 10 inches tall and her net worth is $2 Million as of 2020. She is the mother of a son named Phil. She is a well-known model who has worked with agencies like Next Models. Official Models & got her cover picture on Harper’s Bazaar & Grazia German Magazine editions. In the September issue of the year 2020, she also has her cover picture on Elle Germany.

On her A Management profile, when asked if she could choose one superpower what would it be, she responded: “Traveling in time so I can visit all those amazing and historic events myself including the future.”

She is now seen with Brad Pitt and they are often snapped by Paparazzi and media together. They like each other and dating each other with full passion and love for each other. While Brad & Angelina Jolie have married in past and departed. And, he married to Jennifer Aniston as well and their marriage stayed for 5 years.

They are often seeing enjoying each other company at various luxurious and pleasureful venues. They are both looking hot and made for each other type pair. They have went on vacation in France, where Brad owns a Luxurious Villa.

She is enjoying a huge following on her social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and many other platforms.

Love like Romeo and Juliet is a history and when we look Brad Bitt and Nicole Poturalski, we are getting glimpse of passionate lovers.