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Alexander Shunnarah is an American personal injury lawyer who is born in the year 1966 in Birmingham, Alabama. Hard working and dedication towards the profession has made him stand out at the top in the legal world and also he gained tremendous fame in the field of television commercials. Let’s us explore more about him like Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Bio, etc.

Early Life, Family, Age, Education

His parents who are Palestinians are immigrant who come to America just before his birth for better life prospects. It was proved very helpful for Alexander who was raised by them in Alabama and he made immense fame and name both professionally and worldwide.

Alexander studied at John Carroll Catholic High School and later studied as the Samford University for 4 years.

He grabbed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Birmingham in 1991 and later studied law graduation from Birmingham School of Law in 1995.

Married Life, Wife, Kids

He married to his beautiful wife Lorena and got three daughters named Alexandra, Olivia and Natalia who all are raised in Vestavia which is their home at present.

His public admission that his daughters have him wrapped around their fingers adds a touch of humanity to this legal luminary.

Career, Salary, Net Worth

Post-graduation and a triumphant entry into the Alabama Bar, Shunnarah found his foothold at ‘The Firm of Cory, Watson, Crowder, and DeGaris.’ The subsequent five years were a crucible of learning, laying the groundwork for his destiny.

In 2000, he boldly stepped into the legal arena, founding ‘Alexander Shunnarah and Associates Alabama.’ Breaking the mold, Shunnarah embraced unconventional marketing avenues, such as television, billboards, and YouTube, propelling him to early success.

His legal empire expanded across Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia, with a staggering personal injury case win rate nearing 95%.

Before donning the lawyer’s robe, Shunnarah, the entrepreneur, ventured into various businesses alongside his father, a delicatessen, a packing and moving company, and a consulting firm.

These entrepreneurial chapters, often overlooked, have been the unsung heroes shaping his prowess in marketing and leadership.

Life Beyond Profession

Beyond the courtroom drama, Shunnarah paints a canvas of philanthropy and spirituality in the Vestavia community.

An active participant in the Church of the Highlands, he not only attends but leads Bible study sessions across his offices, fostering a sense of community.

His weekly Bible sessions with his daughters are a testament to his commitment to shaping not just legal victories but also strong moral foundations.

Whispers of controversy have woven themselves into Shunnarah’s narrative. Former employees claim that he attempted to impose his religious beliefs on the staff, allegedly leading to the dismissal of those deemed insufficiently ‘Godly’ in his eyes.

The enigma surrounding these rumors remains, as Shunnarah has chosen silence on the matter, leaving us to ponder the intricate dance between personal convictions and professional endeavors.

Social Media Handles

Linked In@alexandershunnarahlaw
Personal Websiteshunnarah(dot)com

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How did Alexander Shunnarah become famous?

Alexander Shunnarah gained fame through his distinctive television commercials that set him apart in the competitive world of personal injury law. His unconventional marketing strategies, including billboards and YouTube, contributed to his widespread recognition.

What is Alexander Shunnarah’s educational background?

Shunnarah attended John Carroll Catholic High School, Samford University, and the University of Birmingham, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology. He graduated from the Birmingham School of Law in 1995.

How successful is Alexander Shunnarah in his legal career?

With a personal injury case win rate close to 95%, Shunnarah has established himself as a highly successful figure in the legal field. His career has seen him founding ‘Alexander Shunnarah and Associates Alabama’ and expanding his practice across multiple states.

What businesses did Alexander Shunnarah operate before entering law?

Before pursuing a legal career, Shunnarah worked as an entrepreneur alongside his father, engaging in ventures such as a delicatessen, a packing and moving company, and a consulting firm.

Is Alexander Shunnarah involved in charity work?

Yes, Shunnarah is actively involved in charity work, particularly in the Vestavia community. He participates in the Church of the Highlands and conducts regular Bible study sessions, both within his offices and with his daughters.

What is the controversy surrounding Alexander Shunnarah’s religious views?

There have been claims from former employees that Shunnarah attempted to impose his religious beliefs on staff, with allegations of dismissals based on perceived lack of alignment with his beliefs. Shunnarah has not commented on these rumors.

How has Alexander Shunnarah contributed to the legal community’s diversity and inclusion efforts?

Shunnarah has actively supported diversity and inclusion in the legal community by fostering an inclusive work environment in his law firm. While specific details may not be publicly available, his commitment to justice extends to promoting diversity within the legal profession.

What advice does Alexander Shunnarah offer to aspiring lawyers and entrepreneurs?

While specific advice from Shunnarah may not be directly quoted, his life and career suggest the importance of perseverance, innovative thinking, and the integration of lessons from diverse experiences. Aspiring individuals may find inspiration in his unconventional approach to legal marketing and his ability to draw from entrepreneurial ventures.

What is the reach of Alexander Shunnarah’s legal practice?

Alexander Shunnarah and Associates Alabama has expanded its presence beyond Alabama, reaching into Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia. The firm’s multi-state presence showcases Shunnarah’s ambition and success in extending his legal services across regional boundaries.

Does Alexander Shunnarah engage with the public through social media?

While the extent of Shunnarah’s personal engagement on social media platforms may vary, the Alexander Shunnarah and Associates Alabama law firm likely maintains a presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for professional updates and communication with the public.

How does Alexander Shunnarah balance his professional and personal life?

Shunnarah’s ability to balance professional success with family life is evident in his public statements about his daughters and family. However, specific details about the intricacies of this balance may not be publicly disclosed, as personal-life dynamics often remain private.

Are there any books, documentaries, or interviews about Alexander Shunnarah’s life and career?

While Shunnarah’s life and career have been profiled in various media outlets, the availability of books, documentaries, or interviews specifically focused on his journey may vary. Interested individuals can explore legal publications, interviews, and media archives for in-depth insights into his story.

How has Alexander Shunnarah navigated challenges in his legal career?

While specific challenges faced by Shunnarah may not be exhaustively detailed, his resilience and strategic approach to both legal and entrepreneurial pursuits have likely played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles along his journey.

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