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Dr. Tony Huge, born Charles Anthony Hughes on August 1, 1982, in Sacramento, California, is a former lawyer turned competitive bodybuilder and well-known YouTuber. He gained recognition as the face of Enhanced Athlete, a platform that specializes in the sale of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and other fat loss supplements.

Early Life, Age, Education, Family

Tony Huge, also known as Anthony Hughes, expressed his early interest in biohacking from the age of 12.

He pursued formal education at the Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, establishing his own law firm, Hughes Financial Law.

Family, Marriage, and Children:

Despite never having been married, Tony Huge is a father to two daughters, Calli (around 8 years old) and Ally (around 4 years old as of 2023), with two separate women.

He has openly discussed his belief in polygamous relationships, wherein he maintains exclusive relationships with multiple girlfriends who are not allowed to date other men.

Tony has experimented with various relationship models, emphasizing the concept of a communal living arrangement with multiple girlfriends and children, fostering the idea of one large family.

In 2021, he expressed his anticipation of living together with his children and their mothers in one house in Thailand.

Career, Salary, Net Worth

Initially practicing Business, Family, and Real Estate law, he later specialized in Bankruptcy law and earned certification as a bar specialist. Eventually, Tony sold his law firm and ceased practicing law.

In 2015, Tony Huge co-founded Enhanced Athlete with Scott Cavell, a convicted fraudster at the time. The brand specializes in marketing and selling fat-burning and bodybuilding supplements.

Tony initiated his YouTube career in 2016, gaining prominence by sharing content related to bodybuilding, fitness, and his unconventional approaches to training and performance-enhancing drugs.

Despite being nicknamed “Doctor,” Tony is not a medical doctor but plays a prominent role as the face of the brand.

The use of the DNP drug, considered the deadliest fat loss pill for humans, stirred controversy when Tony, in a video, acknowledged its dangers and proceeded to take it on camera, claiming to experiment on himself.

Enhanced Athlete faced legal challenges related to product claims and practices, leading to legal battles with regulatory authorities.

Notably, he experimented with controversial drugs on himself, attracting nearly half a million subscribers to his channel. His content included showcasing his Ferrari 430 Scuderia and engaging in various attention-grabbing activities.

However, in March 2023, Tony’s original channel was deleted by YouTube, following the death of another YouTuber, Leo Rex, at Tony’s residence in Pattaya, Thailand. Tony continues to upload videos on a new, smaller YouTube channel and resides in Thailand while the investigation into Leo Rex’s death is ongoing.

Dr. Tony Huge Latest Updates

As of now, he appears to be alive. In late 2021, Tony experienced a heart attack scare following severe Covid-19, attributing the health issues to both the infection and substances he experimented with.

He acknowledged neglecting cardio exercises in his fitness routine as a contributing factor.

Formerly a lawyer, Tony Huge has transitioned into a competitive bodybuilder, businessperson, and gained prominence as a popular YouTuber.

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