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Mark Henry Benavides, a former lawyer from San Antonio, got into serious legal trouble. He faced charges of making people do things they didn’t want to do and was also accused of sexual assault. Shockingly, these allegations came from people he was supposed to help as their court-appointed lawyer.

Married Life, Kids

Mark’s personal life also played a role in the case. He is married to Linda Benavides, and they have two children together. Despite knowing that Mark was cheating on her, Linda asked the jury to be fair because their kids loved him. This added a personal and emotional aspect to the legal proceedings.


In terms of education, Mark earned a law degree from Texas Wesleyan University in 1997. He ran a private law practice in San Antonio, dealing with various types of cases. However, after his conviction, his license to practice law was revoked.

In the 2014 Democratic primary, Mark ran for the 186th District Court in Bexar County, Texas, but he lost. This was before his legal troubles became widely known.

During his trial, it was revealed that Mark had videotaped many of his sexual encounters with his victims. More than 250 DVDs were seized by authorities, and some of these explicit videos were shown in court. This added a disturbing layer to the case, with one juror even fainting after watching a particularly graphic video.

In the end, Mark Benavides was sentenced to 80 years in prison for using his position as a lawyer to coerce his clients into having sex with him. This case caused a lot of controversy and revealed a shocking abuse of power by someone who was supposed to be upholding the law.


Six people who Mark was supposed to be assisting testified that he forced them to have sex with him. He convinced them that doing so would keep them out of jail or make their legal problems less severe. This is a serious breach of trust, especially since lawyers are supposed to help and protect their clients.

What makes it even worse is that at the time of these accusations, Mark was running for a judgeship as a member of the Democratic party. Being a judge is a position of authority, and such behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

In 2016, Mark was disbarred after being found guilty of six counts of continuous trafficking, which is a very serious crime. This means he was involved in some form of ongoing illegal activity.

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