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Savanna Goude is a prosecutor at the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, known for her notable role in the legal field.

Early Life, Family, Education

Born to Eddie Joe Goude and Vanessa Goude in Georgetown County, Savanna’s early life remains relatively private.

In 2009, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of South Carolina, followed by a law degree from the Charleston School of Law in 2015.

Career, Salary, Net Worth

Savanna began her career as a paralegal at The Korn Law Firm in Columbia after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree.

Concurrently, during law school, she served as a Law Clerk at the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Charleston, handling tasks such as drafting motions, conducting legal research, and preparing case summaries.

In 2015, she briefly worked as a contract attorney at Motley Rice, focusing on rectifying deficiencies in asbestos claims by reviewing client medicals and exposure records.

In 2016, Savanna embarked on a new chapter in her career, joining the Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Beaufort, SC, as an Assistant Solicitor after graduating from law school.

Since 2018, she has been serving as the Assistant Attorney General in Columbia, specializing in family law matters like separation, child custody, and marriage support.

Rose to Prominence

Savanna gained widespread attention during the Alex Murdaugh trials, where she played a significant role as one of the prosecutors.

The trials involved the shooting of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh on June 7, 2021, at their Colleton County home.

Savanna was responsible for cross-examining key witnesses, including defense witness and forensic scientist Timothy Palmbach, as well as Dr. Jonathan Eisenstat, a forensic pathologist.

One memorable moment from the trial was when Savanna’s facial expression went viral while sitting behind defense attorney Jim Griffin during his closing arguments. This moment sparked comparisons to ‘Wednesday Addams’ due to the perceived resemblance in their expressions.

During the trial, Savanna questioned the possibility of the shooter not leaving bloody footprints inside the feed room, challenging the testimony of forensic scientist Palmbach. Palmbach had suggested that the killer was likely inside the feed room for both shots that killed Paul Murdaugh.

In summary, Savanna Goude has established herself as a dedicated prosecutor with a diverse legal background, and her involvement in high-profile cases has brought her recognition beyond the courtroom.

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