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Dianne Sawaya is more than just an experienced attorney from the United States. She is a testament to resilience, ambition, and family values. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, her journey from a young girl inspired by a comic to becoming a prominent legal figure is both remarkable and inspiring.

Early Life, Family, Education

Dianne Sawaya was born on January 16, 1954, to George Sawaya and Jacqueline M. Sawaya. She was the second of five siblings, with an older brother, Michael Sawaya, who also pursued a successful legal career, and a sister, Alice Rock, who made her mark as a fashion consultant in Denver.

The Sawaya family’s journey started in Trinidad, Colorado, where George Sawaya, Dianne’s father, and Jacqueline met. George, an accomplished musician, pursued his passion for jazz at night while also establishing a thriving business manufacturing truck equipment. It was in this supportive and enterprising environment that Dianne’s dreams began to take shape.

Tragedy struck the Sawaya family when Dianne lost two of her siblings, Judy Ginger in a car accident in 1975 and Kenneth Sawaya in a plane crash in 1978.

Dianne’s father, George Sawaya, passed away from heart disease in 2011, and her mother, Jacqueline, peacefully left this world in August 2017, in Denver, Colorado.

Dianne’s aspiration to become a lawyer dates back to her childhood when she encountered the iconic Family Circus cartoon that featured a little girl saying, “When I grow up, I don’t want to be a lady – I want to be a lawyer!” This moment ignited a lifelong passion for the legal profession.

She attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where she initially pursued a pre-medical degree.

Later she graduated with honors, and she later earned her Juris Doctor from the University Of Denver College of Law.

Married Life, kids

She has not mentioned anything about her married life, husband, and kids.


Dianne’s legal career began as a law clerk for a Denver District Court judge while she was completing her law degree. Later, she joined her brother Michael Sawaya’s law firm, The Sawaya Law Firm, before establishing her practice in 2005, The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC.

Licensed to practice law in Colorado and the District of Columbia, Dianne’s legal expertise extends to a wide range of state legislatures. Her practice primarily focuses on personal injury cases, advocating for victims of car crashes, hit and runs, workplace injuries, and more.

Dianne’s commitment to her community is evident through her founding membership in NAMIL, The National Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers.

She actively supports safe driving practices and even offers a scholarship to undergraduate students in Denver.

She is not only an accomplished attorney but also a person whose life story inspires us to dream big and overcome obstacles, just as she did in her remarkable journey from a little girl’s comic-inspired dream to becoming a respected figure in the legal world.

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