Joumana Jayrouz Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

Joumana Jayrouz is an American lawyer based in Michigan, who is also the founder of the Michigan Center for Personal Injury and the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz PLLC. Let’s explore Joumana Kayrouz wiki, bio, age, husband, kids, net worth

Early Life, Family, Education

Joumana Kayrouz was born on April 11, 1964, in the Christian enclave of Beirut, Lebanon. She grew up in a family of deep values, where education was held in high regard.

Her father, a military officer, and her mother, a dedicated housewife, instilled in her the importance of knowledge and perseverance.

Joumana is the youngest of four children and has three older brothers who, impressively, all earned Ph.D. degrees.

Education was a cornerstone in Joumana’s family, and she initially had aspirations of becoming a doctor.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Connecticut State University, Joumana, too, was accepted into Yale University. During her time there, she created a curriculum for a Master’s degree in medical ethics, displaying her intellectual versatility.

However, her involvement in various protest movements and the shifting tides of her interests eventually led her to law and she attended Wayne State University’s law school

Married Life, Kids

She is married to her husband and have two daughters.


Upon graduating from Yale, Joumana moved with her husband to Detroit and, seeking the best balance between her career and her responsibilities as a mother of two daughters.

Joumana’s legal career began with an impactful start when she joined the late Harry Philo, a legendary figure in the field of personal injury law.

Her remarkable skills and dedication quickly propelled her to the position of junior partner within a few months.

In 2003, when Harry Philo retired, Joumana made a bold decision to establish her own practice. At the outset, she was a one-woman show, handling cases with unwavering commitment. Her first case resulted in a maximum payout for her client, setting the stage for her future success.

Over the years, Joumana’s practice grew exponentially. Her innovative approach to advertising, which included prominently featuring her image on billboards and buses, was unconventional but highly effective. It helped her reach a broader audience and establish herself as a prominent attorney in Michigan.

Joumana’s story is a reminder that with unwavering commitment, anything is possible, even in the face of adversity.

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